Swami Vivekananda Study Circle




Any person irrespective of his caste, colour, creed, region, religion or sex above 18 years, having good moral character, sound mind and fully interested in the social, cultural, moral and economic uplift of India, through the ideas and ideals of Swami Vivekananda Ji can become its member by paying the membership fee and retain the membership by renewing it through annual subscription. The governing body of the circle will scrutinize the application form of the applicant, and after full satisfaction shall enroll the member. The President and the General Secretary of the circle reserve the right to refuse membership to any person without assigning any reasons.

The annual membership fee is Rs. 250/-(For individual Associate Member); Rs500/- (For Institution Member). The membership fee is payable in the month of January every year.

For Non Resident Indians : They may also enroll as members of the circle. The membership fee for NRI is US$ 150 or equivalent payable bi-annually.

The circle may in due course of time decide to have

  1. Life Members

  2. Budding Members (below 18 years )